Thursday, December 30, 2010


 It is official- the state of Tennessee has approved us as potential parents! This should have been done about a month ago, but there were some bumps on the road. We got through it though with lots of prayers from friends and family. Within the next couple of weeks we should be activated as potential adoptive parents with American Adoption! I will let everyone know when that is!!!! (Side note: So much has happened since my last post. We had talked and interviewed with a few adoption agencies. It was so hard to find an agency that really fit our profile. After much research and going through adoption blog sites we chose American Adoption. They have an agency in just about every state. So hopefully our chances of finding our baby will be quicker).

My Aunt Vicki sent this poem and prayer to me. This poem is so accurate. Every day I wonder if my baby has been conceived yet. I wonder about my baby's birth mother. Who is she? Is she young still in high school? Does she already have other children barely making ends meet? I love this woman for carrying my child. We will forever be linked. We are so much closer to our baby. We love you, Little One, wherever you are.

Oh Little One
Oh little one, where ever you are,
Near to our heart, yet distant so far.
Have you been born yet...I wonder each night?
Or have you yet to experience that journey of might.
We've waited so long to share our blessing with you,
Our heart aches with joy of the thought coming true.
I want you to know how excited we are,
To meet you and love you; our precious little star.
Thrilled of the thoughts of watching you grow,
Teaching and learning from each other you know.
Please never forget this one promise to you,
We'll always be your parents and unconditionally love you!!!

Adoption Prayer
Lord, you say that if we believe, you will give us what we ask for.  Help us to desire what you know is best for us.  It is the desire of our hearts to open up our lives to the joy of adopting a child.  Lord, if it be your will, would you fill our home with a child's laughter and joy.  Help us to nurture and lift up a sweet little one unto you.  Give us courage to do what is right in your eyes and guide our every step so that this child can come to know you as their Lord and Savior.  Help us to always be a blessing for that precious child you bring into our lives.  In Jesus name.....Amen.
 On the back of the heart it says: "Pray without ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5:17

This adoption prayer bracelet was designed by a lady who after 7 miscarriages finally became a mother through adoption. My mom gave this bracelet to me, and I will not be taking it off until my baby's adoption is finalized. See you soon, Little One!