Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter from the Raney Family!

We had a great Easter weekend! I started it off with making cute little Easter gifts for Lucas's friends. It took me forever and a day. Next year it'd be quicker to buy everyone Peeps or an egg or something. But they sure were adorable!! (I can't take credit for coming up with this idea though. I got it off pinterest except for the ears--my idea to add pink).

Lucas giving Carly her Easter gift (not a great picture but it shows enough of what I want it to)

Lucas opening his gift from his babysitter, Mrs. Julie. 

Lucas giving his gift to his best friend, Livia. She was waiting so patiently. Look at her sitting up all by herself!

Livia giving Lucas his cupcake that her mama made. 

He loved the cupcake. 

Easter celebration at Mrs. Julie's house!

On Easter Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus at Hope, and Lucas went to the nursery for the first time. He had a look of fear and desperation for his mommy and daddy, but I knew he was in great hands. Lee had the hardest time and was so upset. When we went to pick him up, Lucas reached for us. They said he had a great time.

Lucas's Easter basket! Ridiculous!! He's only 8 months old!!

Then we went to Uncle Tony and Aunt Judith Ann's for Easter egg hunt and for Easter dinner. We had so much fun!!

Lucas watching the boys play badmitton. 

Daddy, did you see that? Is that legal?

Cute cousin Joseph!

Sweet cousins playing together 
Lucas with cousin Corey (Joseph's mama)


Sweet couisns

Hey! She's my mama!!

So sweet

On our way to the egg hunt

Wait a minute daddy, let me test it. 

It's good!

Off to the next egg

Got it!

Pooped out!

Not bad for his first hunt. 

So happy

My aunt and my beautiful mama