Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring 2012

Spring Break
It is 2012 and Spring Break has come and gone. I have had the best break with my little boy which made going back to school so hard. I am still in awe that I have a beautiful son. What a miracle and a blessing he has been for all us. He is my life and my breath. I love him so much. I mean look at this little boy!

Fun at Aunt Vicki's
I love going down to Jackson, MS to see our family. We always have fun at Aunt Vicki's!

What's that on her face?

She makes me laugh. 

Ella Kate and her PawPaw

Lucas and his cousin, Erin

Taking a bath with cousin Ella Kate

I'm ready to get out now. 

So exhausted 

That's right. I'm cool.

Family time wears him out. 

Ella Kate reading to Lucas

Fun with Friends
We had so much fun during our play dates with Piper and Norah. 
Piper: That's mine.
Lucas: Let me taste it. 
I don't think I like that. 

After nap time at the Alberson's house, Jennifer and her daughter (Norah), Julie Alberson and her daughter (Piper), and my son and I went to a field (we first thought was grass) was actually wheat grass. Jennifer took spring pictures of the babies (7 months old). She did such a great job!!!

Once he was awake and really realized where he was, he had a panic attack. Poor baby was terrified of the grass. 

This was right before his face plant in the mud and grass. 

Fun day at the zoo with friends!

So close!

JenJen and Norah

This is fun looking at elephant's butt. 

I don't find that thing amusing.

Taking a quick nap.

Another Day at the Zoo with Just Me and my Mama
Lucas loved, loved, loved the penguins. The penguins were so active since it was feeding time. Lucas squealed and laughed along with them. When we tried to leave, he just screamed wanting more of the penguins. We ended up staying at the penguins exhibit for 45 minutes. It was a blast. 

What a ham!
Fun at Mz. Juwee's (Mrs. Julie's)
Lucas has so much fun at his babysitter's house with all his friends. He loves Mrs. Julie. 
This isn't a clear picture, but it was taken with Julie's phone. This was his first day at Julie's (January 2, 2012). He had projectile due to his acid reflux, so he just finished giving him a bath. He was so little!

Silly monkey!

He couldn't figure out how Julie's finger's were coming through that hole. He kept looking for her fingers!
He's getting so big! He now stands up in his crib. Julie sent me this pic. 

Carly, Lucas, and Landon
I so love the fact that Julie takes pictures of our babies during the day while we are at work. She sends it to us throughout the day making our work day bearable. The following pictures are pictures Julie has taken and sent to us (Laurin and me). They are a bit blurry, but she promised me that she was getting an iphone which takes better pictures:)
H first love, Livia
They have so much fun together

He is such a gentleman.

Funny Boy

Trip to Kroger with my Daddy
I voted for Newt with my Mimi!

Walk with my daddy

Hmmmm...let's see what's on the menu....I think I shall have .....STEAK!!!!

wearing his first flippy floppies

Where did Lucas go?

There he is!
Please come get me, mama!
I told you he is obsessed with his bat. 

He loves getting into stuff. (Grainy photo due to iphone)

He loves the doggy bed. (Yes it is clean)

Feeding himself cereal. 

He is such a mess!

Fun day at Harbor Town
Beautiful beautiful boy!

So worn out after a day down at Beale! 

It's so cold!

First Trolley ride on Main Street

Raney's Springtime Garden
Once the flowers bloomed in our front and back yard, I could not miss the photo opportunity with my baby boy. With the settings for my camera from my friend I took some photos. I have to say it was not bad at all! 

His favorite toy he would not let got of

My sweet boy with the lady killer eyes 

He picked these for Livia- his besty. 

My favorite 

Visit with Ainsley and Landrey
We had so much fun visiting with the Mills girls. I can't wait until Landrey is able to play with Lucas. 
Fueling up before play time with friends

beautiful Landrey

Big sister, Ainsley- Lucas really liked her chair

so sweet
Lucas with Ainsley's and Landrey's mama- Ali

Easter Eggstravaganza at Cameron Brown Park
The weekend before Easter weekend, we had a play date with Livia, Landrey, and Ainsley's moms. We had so much fun watching Ainsley hunt for easter eggs and getting pictures taken with the easter bunny. 
At Cameron Brown Park getting everyone ready
Look at this beauty! I so love Ms. Ainsley. 

Watching Ainsley hunting for easter eggs

and there's the bat- his favorite toy

The two loves of my life

Look at these beautiful babies- what a blessing they all are. 
Lucas making the moves on Livia
He was so sleepy and not really sure where he was. 
The two besties
Lunch with friends afterwards
My sweet baby and I after a long fun day with friends

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  1. Loved looking at all of the precious pictures, Doodah. Oh what a journey it has been and God's blessings are so bountiful! I love you all beyond measure!
    Aunt Vicki